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“The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” are exceptional one-of-a-kind websites designed strictly for Professionals. In order to make these resources affordable to every person interested, the subscription fees are posted at the lowest possible level to ensure every Professional has the opportunity to access our “Master References”. Your investment in a subscription not only provides access to these learning resources, but it helps keep prices at a minimum for students and other Professionals eager to pursue knowledge with our “Master References”, but have limited financial resources to invest.


We are a Professional Group dedicated to leading the advancement of the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry. Our privileged Memberships have direct access to the first and only compendium format “Master References” on the Internet, which is an exclusive offer only found on our InfoWebs. These resources contain several proprietary forms of learning tools designed to improve comprehension, speed mental recognition and provide information to promote decision making based on knowledge.


Our exemplary “Digests” contain: thousands of pages containing superior distilled content, hundreds of proprietary “Intellect System Models” and very unique ingredient charts which contain a comprehensive list of ingredient applications / functions. You can search the Internet for years and be overwhelmed with hundreds of thousands of content pages, or use our “Master References” to save time and see the big picture right away.



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 Over 10,950 Professionals in the Food, Beverage & Nutraceutical Industry have joined my LinkedIn network:


Professional Interest:

Over 10, 950 Professionals in the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry have joined the author’s LinkedIn network (in only 35 months) to learn more about these exclusive and highly sought after “Master References”. Professionals from USA and foreign government regulatory agencies, medical field, pharmaceutical field, nutraceutical field, Food Industry, health & wellness experts, dieticians, and Professors / Staff at major world Universities continue to connect with this author’s network. This interest has been sparked by the need to have bulk information processed, analyzed and distilled to speed recognition, improve comprehension and ultimately save time. This allows Members to reinvest their time savings into other aspects of their professional objectives and responsibilities.


New Additions:

The immense interest and activity in our “Digests” has led to the decision to not only manage communications in a more efficient manner but also bring several new additions to the “Digest Websites”. Our revenues are used to maintain and improve our website resources in the construction and development of software architecture and programs. Resources support our regular additions of content through ISM’s and unique ingredient charts which provide Members direct access to our exceptional platform of advanced educational, learning and knowledge based systems.

As concerned stewards of the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry, our subscriptions are priced at very affordable levels to ensure University Students and others with limited finances the ability to pursue “knowledge” in our “Master References”. Please email us (info@thefoodindustrydigest.com) with a request for additional support if your circumstances need additional consideration.


 We offer more:

  • Proprietary “Intellect System Models” (ISM’s) which display information in an organized, condensed and distilled format to speed the recognition and learning process. These model systems are designed for food manufacturing processes, food ingredients, ingredient functionality and food manufacturing applications.
  • Custom Ingredient Tables to provide market and application information from a variety of sources to broaden the selection process. This offers a greater variety of choices to initiate new product development, a more diverse selection of application functions and greater number of ingredients to launch each project.


Our Master References promote your expertise :

Our Subscribers have access to these magnificent resources giving them intellectual advantages not found on other websites. These “Master References are living documents, with constant additions being made as science and technology advance and add to mankind’s repository of current knowledge. Our dynamic Subscribers are forward thinking Professionals concentrating on ingredients, health, wellness and nutritional knowledge to advance the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Manufacturing Industry well into the future. Our Readers are the employees companies love to employ because they seek knowledge, success and leadership characteristics not found in average employees.



What do our advanced “Master References” offer?       Resources and Actions!


Our Resources List: [Websites, ISMs, Ingredient Tables], Time, Content, Information, Newsletters, Email System, Digital “CM” Platform.

  • Unique Resources: These Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry websites are the first and only compendium format “Master References” on the Internet. Our custom ISMs and proprietary Ingredient Tables cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Saves Time: Time is a resource many people find difficult to take advantage of in their day-to-day activities. These “Master References” promote the wise use of your time with their superior content and streamlined structure. This benefits our subscription Members by saving them research time, which is a resource they can reinvest to help improve their business relationships and solve problems.
  • Content: Information on the Internet is readily abundant, but organized and scaled information is not. You can find anything for free on the internet, if you have a long enough time to look and find it. Our Members receive information structured in an extremely valued and resourceful way to use every day. You will not find any other websites like ours with our exceptional content, streamlined structure and comprehensive view of the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry.
  • Information: A membership site makes it easier to deliver focused information. Members should think of these “Master Reference” sites as their personal library, where their small investment buys professionally organized, analyzed and distilled information. Over time, regular use of these powerful “Master References” allows a Professional to strengthen and improve their cognitive abilities (a.k.a. “MindPower”) of the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry.
  • Newsletters: Six market segment newsletters are designed for “Mail Chimp” and await software programming and construction approval. Each newsletter has its’ own custom market segmented RSS feed structure to update customers on news, products, promotions, events, photos, and any other market segmented news content. Members select their own individual choice(s) for six markets on their registration form. Most companies offer one, where “The Food Industry Digest” offers any combination of six specific and different markets.
  • Emails: We also have designed a company newsletter under development with “Constant Contact” to announce future/new ISM’s releases, updates to our ingredient tables and select product and application information provided by our Ingredient Suppliers. This saves Members valuable time, improves productivity and minimizes annoying spam.
  • “Content Marketing” Platform: We are opening up a whole new world of digital advertising for our food ingredient Suppliers that didn’t exist before. Ingredient Suppliers can join our website’s digital advertising platform to showcase their ingredients, applications and new technology. There is no company advertising program comparison between proprietary “Master References” used on a daily basis to display food industry structure, ISM learning tools and custom charts; versus digital magazines delivering news with a limited shelf-life.


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What do our advanced “Master References” offer? Resources and Actions!


Our Actions List: Goals, Engagement, Connectivity, Communications, Privacy, Accountability, Motivation.


  • Business Goals: The actions to achieve goals allow experience, knowledge and expertise gained over decades to be shared with other Members (professionals) in the Food Industry. In addition, it also allows legacy resources to be built and passed on to future generations.
  • Engagement: To provide tools for a community of engaged thought Leaders who want to be the best, most informed and knowledgeable Professionals in the Food, Beverage and Nutritional Industry. These Professionals strive for “excellence” every day and provide a new level of competition and Leadership for the Food Industry and many companies.
  • Connectivity: Members can use these “Master References” 24 hours per day, and they are available to accommodate the Members individual schedules at any time. Books and magazines are not always available in the woods, in a conference room, at the airport or for a dinner discussion to brainstorm a think tank.
  • Communications: These resources allow Members access to high value information quickly from any cellphone, laptop or computer location worldwide. This improves communication and the ability to share concepts and ideas. Engaging in information exchange is the key to developing long term relationships, trust and offering potential solutions for problems.
  • Privacy: Members join a subscription club for privacy because they can go to a membership site to get information and talk about what they want to without worry that it’s searchable by outside Clients / Customers on the Internet. Some people are aware enough to see the potential benefits that may arise from their small investment in our “Digests” and the huge advantages in Food Industry knowledge they will gain with use over time.
  • Accountability: Our Members feel more accountable to achieve a result or follow through when they join. They hold themselves accountable because: they have invested in themselves, they know it will improve their knowledge, they know these additional resources have worked in the real world and are based on experience by an expert.
  • Motivation: Our Members know they have joined a group that is dedicated to the Food Industry, and the Member is moving from interested to committed. This results in a more motivated Member (or employee) that will be much more likely to achieve their desired goal. This creates a self-fulfilling prophesy to justify their initial energy and investment in time to strive for excellence. They build superior business partnerships based on their advanced business acumen and comprehensive knowledge gained about the Food Industry.


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Our Members: They want Value and expect a positive Return-on-Investment (ROI).


People join membership sites expecting to get large scale value out of the membership. The continued use of our “Master References” builds extensive knowledge capabilities. Plain and simple — We deliver, we deliver, we deliver and we deliver:

  • Executive Management gain a clearer vision of their company’s position in the Food Industry; see their company’s focused strategic path; gain rising employee productivity, stay current with Food Industry trends and gain Customer/Partnership insights.
  • New Product Developers gain more new product development ideas; discover a larger number of ingredient applications; view more cross-market application ideas; see the big picture; gain knowledge of ingredients, applications and new technologies.
  • Sales & Marketing gain pre-call planning; develop more new business projects; gain strategic account insight; gain strategic market insight; improve preparation of Customer questions, gain information for decisions, gain knowledge for improved Customer relations and communications. Our “Digests” save time to re-invest in your Business Partners communications and success.
  • Administrative Professionals improve: interaction with Customer communications, internal company communications, professional competence; improve knowledge of Customer’s market & products.

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