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We offer you access to our “Master References” at a price anyone can afford.


You can get both Master Reference websites for less than one cup of gourmet coffee a month.


“The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” combined only cost:


$3.18 per month and billed at $38.16 per year (includes both websites).


Our low pricing delivers the highest quality content and superior systems that no other knowledge based company can offer.


The price is easily affordable for university and college students, and may qualify for educational tax deductions.


You will never find the rich and superior content of our Master References anywhere else, and never find anything like our valued content for such a small dollar investment in your career.


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Organization/Company purchase of multiple subscriptions to BOTH websites.


Enterprise Price Now Only = $3.18/month or billed at $38.16 per year.

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Purchase of multiple subscriptions by an Enterprise (corporation, university, institution or association) to be licensed for use by multiple persons.

All Enterprise subscriptions include subscriptions to both websites.


Each Enterprise Group has two questions:

a. Select group size

b. Select number of licenses the company wants to purchase.


Each Enterprise Group has two Payment Options:


1. Enterprise Group – One Invoice Option: One payment for all members in their group with one invoice generated each month or each year. These subscriptions will be assigned serial number licenses to be associated with the Enterprise participants in this Enterprise Group (limited by the purchased quantity).

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2. Enterprise Group – Individual Billing Option: The Enterprise Representative will register the name of their Enterprise and complete the number of subscriptions they want. An exact amount of Serial numbers will be assigned to their Enterprise participants as they sign up and individually pay, and each of these persons will receive the correct pricing matched with their Enterprise serial license numbers.

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