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These InfoWeb’s are the key to unlock the potential of Food Industry Professionals who believe information and knowledge are the driving force in their development of new partnerships and new business opportunities. The Food Industry is the largest business enterprise in the USA (food production, manufacturing, marketing, restaurants and institutions). This simply points out the fact that the largest business enterprise in the USA has a virtual unlimited supply of new opportunities to develop new business partnerships for those willing to learn, communicate and pursue new business opportunities.


The trends of increasing efficiency in operations and technology will continue to lead world food production and exportation. New product development in the Food Industry has been increasing at a steady pace over the past three decades to feed the growing world population and satisfy their desire for new food products. Companies that understand the added value information and knowledge bring to their customers in the Food Manufacturing sector will be the winners moving ahead in the future.


The process to organize diverse types of information, analyze business situations with information models and use Food Industry knowledge to solve problems provides a clear vision and a framework to grow strategic Food Industry business partnerships. It is not enough to have fast decisions in today’s world, you must have fast and correct decisions. Many food companies have a clear history of 10, 20, 30 or more years of no food ingredient shortages. But with a growing world population, country-to-country economic exchanges and problems like unexpected contaminations or adulterations (melamine, avian flu, Legionaire’s Disease, E-coli, Listeria, etc…) I guarantee there is an increasing statistical risk of most Food companies experiencing ingredient shortages in the future. What would your devoted Customer do if your competitor could deliver his ingredient / product but your company could not deliver it’s ingredient? If that scenario repeats itself several times your company may be on it’s way out-of-business.


To start, ask yourself this basic question: What would your Food Company do right now (on any of it’s major product lines) if any one of the top three ingredients was not available for your current production? Do you know the answer? Is it in writing? If it is not in written form, your company technically does not have the or any answer(s). Secondly, do you have three alternate courses of action for each of these three top ingredients? As you can see, serious back up strategies and practice will drive the overall preparedness of your company when these ingredient shortages appear. You may not be able to predict when Somali Pirates hijack a ship with multiple containers of a gum you need, but you can plan for alternate resource supply and alternate formulation. Success and failure are many times predetermined by the thought or lack there of forethought and vision.


As you can see, every Food Company’s Executive Management should have started or be in the process of developing their alternate emergency action plans. This is a continuous process with adjustments to be made every day to their contingency plans driven by their R&D Staff and Marketing Departments. Successful companies moving ahead in the future will protect their current product lines and brands by being prepared with alternate formulations. In addition they will make it common practice to employ speed, structure, information and correct decision making to capitalize on new business opportunities in the Food Industry. It is just as critical to protect these newer food product formulations as it is to protect traditional food formulations. These InfoWebs clarify the road map moving forward so your company will be able to create and execute successful strategic plans.


“The Digests” will help our friends and colleagues get the edge in new product development and in new food ingredient development. If your company does not have their contingency plan started, there is no time like the present to begin your Food Company’s emergency action plan to defend its’ food products survival in the marketplace. You can only create an effective strategy for your business partner’s food products and ingredients by understanding the food industry, understanding the markets and by knowing what your customers and their consumers want. “The Digests” are here to provide a road map for your success and help you accomplish the task. My job is to help those making efforts to pursue excellence and best practices “Winners”, because I know those that are not making the effort are making the decision to eliminate themselves in the marketplace of the future.


Best Wishes For Your Success,

Brent McLean

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