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After three decades of successful business development in the Food Industry, the “Digest” InfoWebs were constructed to share thought processes and practices used to build successful business partnerships. My business partners were comfortable discussing their business situations because they were confident I understood their company’s position in their specific: Food Market, Market sub-segment, food products, food ingredients, food processes, ingredient applications, ingredient functions and their competitive situations. Understanding the active variables in my business partner’s specific situation allowed me to recognize, analyze and solve their problems in less time than my competitors.


The information in our websites  has been categorized into “Intellectual System Models (ISM’s)” to organize and simplify its’ presentation, and hopefully lead you to quicker solutions for your business partners’ problems. These ISM’s are displayed throughout both “The Food Industry Digest” (manufacturing models) and “The Food Ingredient Digest” (ingredient charts) to provide key information in streamline form. These ISM’s have taken a large collection of information, distilled the information down into it’s key elements and abbreviated the information to present a concise model for your mental comprehension.


I would never downplay the assistance received from support staff.  Their contributions to customer care and service were critical to the success and execution of every strategic move that was performed. The most successful companies had the most detail-oriented, customer service focused and truly caring employees working in their Administrative Staffs. Even the best strategies will not work without a Professional support Staff, as this would be the equivalent of racing a car without any wheels. This is the key difference between an average Team and an excellent Team trying to make their Customer experience the absolute best.


The “Digest” InfoWebs were the best way to communicate to a large audience and best way to “pay-it-forward” for the next generation of professionals involved in food manufacturing. I trust you will enjoy seeing and using the ISM’s sprinkled throughout these InfoWebs because they should make the Food Industry and all of it’s variables easier to understand. Both of these legacy InfoWebs are resources intended to assist everyone in the Food Industry as “Master References”, Professionals as continuing education sources and inspire the next generation to share their best practices and success with their following generation. These beginning 3,500 Word pages are what I wanted three decades ago to pursue excellence, looked for but never found because they did not exist at the time.


The information in “The Digests” is designed to:


1.     Provide a “Master Reference” to use on a daily basis.

2.     Speed the education and learning curve for people new to the Food Industry (and associated industries like Packaging, Processing Equipment, Laboratory Instrumentation and Supplies, Construction, Telecommunications, Transportation etc…).

3.      Reinforce the learning and memory for experienced professionals.

4.     Provide a platform to create strategic initiatives for any company.

5.     Help Food Industry Professionals become more productive.

6.     Provide a balance of scientific & business information to improve decision making.

7.     Help feed a growing world population and prevent / minimize worldwide hunger.