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Personal Excellence, Best Practices and The Competitive Advantage:


A solid foundation and mental picture of the food industry provides the platform for persons inside the food industry to visualize, map and execute their company’s strategic position and plan in the marketplace. Regular use of “The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” will raise your comprehension and your company’s collective intellect regarding the Food Industry and its’ inter-workings.

Once the information in the “Digest” is mastered by food industry professionals, more advanced strategic plans may be created to take advantage of their company’s ingredients and market position. Your company and personal strategic planning should take into account your own definition of professional excellence, best practices for each function in your organization and the strategic goals your company’s efforts are targeting.


The key is to identify information to differentiate your offerings and your company relative to:

  • Food Ingredients.

  • Food Ingredient Functions.

  • Food Product Applications.

  • Your Customer’s Needs.

  • The Customer Market’s Needs.

  • The Manufacturing and/or Processing Requirements.

  • Your Company’s Position in the Marketplace (vs. Your Competitors). 

  • Your Competitor’s Position in the Marketplace.


Once you have completed these actions to create the needed “Competitive Advantage” and clear vision that all winning teams possess, your company will reap the benefits in growth, market share and return-on-investment that successful companies desire and earn.


Even more important, when something or several things malfunction and your sourcing becomes a problem you will have established multiple back up plans to continue your production without missing a beat. If this re-formulation work is done now before it truly is needed, then less time will be lost whenever the disruption occurs and your company is in jeopardy of losing it’s business.