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Education, Re-thinking Strategies, Contingency Plans, New Tools to Focus on Excellence.


“The Food Industry Digest” provides professionals involved in food manufacturing with a concise information reference and continuing education reference. We encourage the process of thought, creating food ingredient and formulation contingency plans, and development of new strategic initiatives. This requires the commitment to re-think ingredient formulas, re-think applications, re-think ingredient strategies and re-think types of food ingredients used for all company formulations.



Companies in the Food Industry need to evaluate their products and performance in past situations like the avian flu epidemic. They need to prepare strategic plans for the future when specific ingredients are difficult to source and their company is looking for alternate food ingredient options. DO NOT HESITATE, protect your company product lines and market share by establishing multiple levels of back-up formulations now.


Most Professionals in the Food Industry are aware of a common functionality in a group of products, but sometimes we forget about the other 3-8 functions that a specific product group offers. The “Digests”are the perfect place to start looking to find food ingredients for your new food product development idea because we provide an extensive overview of ingredients by function and applications.


The world’s population is growing every day, and stability in society depends on the Food Industry delivering their food products on an uninterrupted basis. This is a very fine line the manufacturers in the Food Industry work around, but it is significant because it is the difference between civility and anarchy. Your company needs to double down on back up formulas right now without concern for corporate leverage. Large corporations have an advantage with their revenues and asset base during normal times, but they should be focused like a lazer knowing those advantages disappear in an instant when the supply chain is disrupted. START PLANNING FOR STRATEGIC EMERGENCIES AND SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTIONS RIGHT NOW.


  • We simplify the information to facilitate and improve comprehension.
  • We balance the information between food science and business.
  • We streamline the information so you make correct decisions in less time.


The Competitive Marketplace:


We have built this InfoWeb to provide another tool in one convenient location for your success which did not exist in the past . “The Food Industry Digest” spells out the roadmap for success in black and white for people focused on food industry excellence. This Digest will elevate the playing field for those who choose and invest the time to read and gain valuable information.