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Advantages : We have many advantages over traditional food industry websites:


— Memory:

Every time you visit us a continuing education of food industry market segments, food manufacturing processes, food ingredients and ingredient applications are reinforced into your memory. This gives you a better understanding and mental picture of the Food Industry, how specific Food Ingredients are currently used and how specific strategic plans may be used in your company’s future.



— Organization:

Traditional media companies report ingredient news like a newspaper just filling up space. The “Digest” arranges information and ingredient news framed around the Food Industry’s structure, enabling you to connect relevant information with specific market segments. Our “Digest” saves Members time by providing more information with fewer clicks.


— Knowledge:

Each visit to our Infoweb reinforces your knowledge of specific Food Industry categories like Food ingredients, market segments, food processes and food applications. This strengthens each team member in your company for an advantage in your co-workers “collective knowledge” and communication with your business partners.

— Decision Making Capability:

Business decisions are based on dependable information from “The Food Industry Digest”, not decisions based on speculation. A repetitive view of the Food Industry structure enables our visitors to accumulate information over time and use this knowledge to make educated decisions in their specific area of professional expertise.

— Strategic Planning:

Each visit updates your comprehension of the food industry structure, markets, processes, applications, ingredients and trends. This allows your company to formulate adaptive strategic plans based on their specific position and advantages in the marketplace vs. their competitors. Our InfoWeb will help your team progress through the basics in strategic planning, and will also prepare your team for advanced strategic planning.