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Food Industry Personnel Improvements (continued):

Company Personnel will use “The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” to improve their specific areas of expertise.


Food Product Development Scientists:

Food Product Development Scientists will use the Digest to explore: new food ingredients, new food products and new food applications to create new finished food products with new formulations. They will also take advantage of new information available through health, science and nutrition to improve their food products for humans and animals.


They will explore the use of traditional and new ingredients used in the previous areas listed. An example of this is already being seen in product development as Vitamins reach their 100th year discovery anniversary, and are finding their way into a multitude of new food products. This is seen in Vitamin D fortified milk products for youth, Vitamin C enhanced products in gummy candy and Vitamin waters to assist athletes  in their training regimes. Another example of this is evidenced as new scientific information, clinical studies and nutritional benefits are verified for Vitamin K (see Vitamin Chart – under Ingredients By Function) to improve the life condition for many people. They will continue their food ingredient and market education to capitalize on specific market opportunities targeted by their company.


Sales & Marketing Professionals:

Sales & Marketing Professionals will use the Digest for continuing ingredient education and identification of new business opportunities. Aggressive companies will partner together to take advantage of science, technology and the benefits derived by their customers. Marketing will develop tools for Salespersons to differentiate ingredients, differentiate ingredient functions and differentiate end result food products. Salespersons will use the tools provided to gain new market share, develop new business relationships and grow the business in the targeted direction management has specified.


Administrative Professionals:

Administrative Professionals will use the Digest in their support of everyone listed above and to grow their knowledge of the Food Industry markets and Food Ingredients. Strategic corporate directives cannot be accomplished unless the people behind the scenes are efficient in their order processing, credit management, product distribution, operations management and proficiency to keep their customers satisfied. Industry specific knowledge is an important key for professional customer service.