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“THE FOOD INDUSTRY DIGEST” is designed to IMPROVE people’s comprehension in every company department:

  • Executive Management Personnel.

  • New Product Development / Food Scientist Personnel.

  • Sales and Marketing Personnel.

  • Administrative and Operations Personnel.


Executive Management:
Executive Management will direct Food Scientists to use the Digest to begin re-formulation of main product lines and initiate layered contingency plans to counter future ingredient shortages caused by drought, unfavorable weather, pest infestations, disease, shipping disturbances and socio-political events. This means Executive Management may determine back up plans for key formulations may exceed one level (level two or even tertiary levels) to protect their core food product formulations depending on  net profitability contributions.


Executive Management will use the Digest to assist design of strategic goals focused on business growth for their corporate teams. They will promote “The Food Ingredient Digest” to all members of their corporate teams to increase their company’s “collective knowledge” of the food industry. These leaders understand the importance of surrounding themselves with people seeking excellence and best practices in the Food Industry.


These actions will:

  1. Maintain competitive advantage over rival companies.

  2. Offer a comprehensive overview of the food manufacturing industry.

  3. Connect product development people at food manufacturing companies with leading professionals at key food ingredient Suppliers.