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“The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” (both owned by InfoStar Media LLC) provide professionals involved in food manufacturing with a universal but concise information reference. Our InfoWebs are designed to appear plain and easy to process by the human eye and brain. You will learn over time, as you drill down into these InfoWebs  they uncover, unravel and deliver information about the complexities of the Food Industry in new and unique ways. 


These InfoWebs are designed for Food Industry Professionals in pursuit of “excellence” to:


  • Enhance their Food Industry continuing education.
  • Develop and expand their Food Industry knowledge.
  • Create new food intermediates and new food end products.
  • Design new food products with new ingredient functions and new applications.
  • Apply new science, new technology and new nutritional information with new product development.
  • Capitalize on strategic advantages they have identified in the marketplace for their company.
  • Grow Sales and Marketing campaign programs based on strategic initiatives.
  • Improve their company personnel’s “collective intellect”.
  • Become a contributing member of their company’s “Winning Team”.