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Our Logo:   “The Wings of Knowledge Build Stars”


The “Wings”:

—   The “Wings” display your motivation to learn new things.

—   The “Wings” represent elevating your efforts to understand.

—   The “Wings” signify your desire to acquire higher levels of knowledge.


  The “Star”:

—   The “Star” represents your energized and inquisitive mind.

—   The “Star” emphasizes your well conditioned and accomplished thought process.

—   The “Star” signifies your desire to find even higher degrees of comprehension. 


The “Crescent”:

—   The “Crescent” oversees your Star and refers to your mental growth (from Latin).

—   The “Crescent” signifies the expansion of your intellectual horizons.

—   The “Crescent” represents  your attaining breadth of knowledge. 


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The “Star” represents you — because Stars improve their “MindPower”

Save Time — Learn Faster — Gain Knowledge — Make Better Decisions