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CHOCOLATE CANDY – Harvesting, Bean Types 2




The all natural cocoa bean grows on tropical cacao trees in many countries around the world. Chocolate is derived from processing cocoa beans after they are harvested from the pod-shaped fruit of the cacao tree, ground up into small pieces, fermented and roasted.


The industry recognizes two distinct types of beans:


1.   “Bulk Beans” are the high quantity production type beans commonly from Africa, and


2.   “Flavor Beans” offer the unique flavor profiles in specialty chocolates.


  • Africa generates about 70% of the world’s cacao beans which are used in many blended chocolates commercially produced. The leading producer of cocoa beans per year is the West African country of Côte d’Ivoire; with Ghana the world’s second largest producer. Africa is known for producing large quantities of good flavor and classic tasting “Bulk Beans”.


  • Large volume cacao-bean growing countries are Indonesia, Brazil, Ecuador, Togo, Mexico and Papua New Guinea.


  • Smaller market share cacao-bean growing areas are in Latin American and Caribbean countries.


  • Chocolate’s flavor depends on the specific cocoa beans and the bean blends used to make it. Cacao beans flavor profile varies widely from country of origin, different regions and even different farms.