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1.     “THE FOOD MARKETS INDEX” (Simple Model By TFID) is a concise reference guide outlining food manufacturing companies by their market classifications and their segments. This is the structural model “The Food Industry Digest” uses to classify food manufacturing companies because it has a simplified structure that is easier to visualize than the SIC & NAICS model. 3 Pages are constructed in light blue.



2.     THE  COMBINED SIC  &  NAICS  INDEX: both are governmental classification systems used to monitor manufacturing markets sales & production statistics.


a.     SIC CODE = STANDARD INDUSTRIAL CODE. Is an older classification system originally designed to classify USA manufacturers and to track their markets for sales & production.


b.     NAICS = NORTH AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM. This is a newer and more updated classification system for manufacturers which adds newer classes to accomodate for technological changes in manufacturing and covers manufacturers in the North American geographical area (1990’s to present).


Note: there are advantages & disadvantages to any specific classification model, which is why we present both for your review.