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Consumer Snack Foods – Grains, Starches, Meats

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Five main cereal-grain starch snack options include: 

1.   Barley: Barley has low energy requirements for cooking; medium- to large-size granules which provide fair expansion; and has light-brown to gold color.

2.   Corn: (white or yellow), corn has medium to high cooking energy requirements; medium-size granules offer good expansion: definite flavor profile; yellow color.

3.   Oats: Oats have an energy requirement that varies depending on its’ fat content; small-size granules offer poor expansion, strong flavor, light-brown color.

4.   Rice: (long, medium or short grain), Rice has the highest energy requirements for cooking; offers the smallest granule size and the most-digestible when cooked; its bland flavor is easily flavored; it has good expansion and a white color.

5.   Wheat: (soft, hard or durum), Wheat has medium to low energy requirements for cooking; fairly large granules and provides good expansion and mild flavor; it has a white- to off-white color.


The two main tuber starch snack options:

1.   Potato: (Tuber starch lower in protein) offers low energy requirements for cooking; very large starch granules that break down easily with definite flavor, excellent swelling and binding power, very high viscosity when cooked, a gold to light-brown color.

2.   Tapioca: (Tuber starch lower in protein) tapioca has low to moderate energy requirements; whose medium-size starch granules provide high viscosity, excellent binding properties bland flavor, white color


Meats and Protein Enrichments: may be added to snack recipes or specialized combination packaging such as:

1.   Meats / Proteins: Beef, turkey, ham, lamb, chicken, whole fresh shrimp.

2.   Dairy Products:  Cheese, yogurt or milk solids.

3.   Legume Proteins (soy, pea or bean). Levels up to 30% to 35% may be added and still maintain high-quality final products.