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CONSUMER FOODS: Fruits & Vegetables

Veggie Burger Manufacturing Process:


Veggie Burgers:

Veggie Burgers were invented in London, Great Britain in the 1980’s as a lower fat alternative to eating beef. There are many recipes and formulas for veggie burgers which lowers overall meat consumption. A veggie burger is commonly comprised of grains, nuts & vegetables cooked in oil and grilled.


  • “Mirepoix” or Flavor Base:   

They are also made with finely minced frozen vegtables like carrots, celery, onions and mushrooms. These are commonly sauteed in safflower oil, which releases the natural sugars of the vegetables as they cook and begin to carmelize. The flavors deepen and become more complex as the safflower oil simmers; the vegetables convert more sugars and continue to carmelize during this process.

Then mushrooms are added as a last step in the creation of the flavor base. This process of creating an aromatic flavor base from these base vegetables for cooking (carrots, celery, onions and mushrooms) is called “Mirepoix” in French culinary terms. The “Mirepoix” adds texture and flavor to the end product that is being created. 

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