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CONSUMER FOODS: Fruits & Vegetables

Veggie Burger Manufacturing Process:


  • Gondola Mixing Tank:

Batch sized veggie burgers start with a large mixing tank called a Gondola. A standard mix would take the “Mirepoix” flavor base, add 5 gal plastic containers of: walnuts, cooked bulgar, oats, potato flakes and pure gluten flour. This is hand mixed in the Gondola until the gluten gets the mix sticky to the touch. The mix is then taken to the hopper that feeds the patty making machine.


  • Patty Making Machine:

This machine is a mold with a plunger mechanism to release the veggie patty after formation.


  • Convection Oven Cooking:

The patties are arranged on cooking trays to be rotationally cooked in a pre-heated convection oven to cook in an even manner.


  • Freeze & Packaging:

After cooking, the patties are quick frozen and sent to a packaging line. A hot iron seals 4 patties in cellophane and sends them down a conveyor. A suction device pulls & opens boxes for the veggie burgers to be filled by hand. The open boxes head into a narrow lane to be folded closed and flaps glued shut. This process takes less than one minute and can produce about 9-10,000 veggie burgers per hour.