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ANTIFOAMS = see product application chart in “The Food Ingredient Digest”.


CALCIUM CARBONATE = used as a white food pigment (up to 2.5%) and in baking powder (up to 50%). Mineral supplement and neutralizer in breakfast cereals; enriched farina, macaroni & noodle products (nutrient supplement levels of 500-625 mg./lb.), self-rising flours (Ca source at levels of 1,500 mg./lb.); enriched farina, cornmeal, corn grits (neutralizer) and enriched bread & rolls (Ca source).


CALCIUM HYDROXIDE = used as a “firming agent” for various fruit products; egg preservative; water treatment. Also used in the mfg. of calcium stearate and to prepare many food additives (i.e. emulsifiers).


CALCIUM OXIDE = yeast food & dough conditioner for bread, rolls and buns. Calcium source in dietary supplements, breakfast cereals, and flour/baked products. Free flow agent / desiccant in sugar cane processing & mfg.of baking soda.


CALCIUM SULFATE = serves as yeast food (dough conditioner / pH adjuster) ; nutrient in enriched bread. Emulsifier in frozen desserts, jelly, and artificially sweetened fruit. “Firming agent” in canned potatoes, sweet peppers, and canned tomatoes. Carrier for bleaching agents in breads, rolls, and buns. Gelling ingredient in cereal flours and in mfg. of artificial sweeteners. It is also utilized as a calcium source in some nutritional products.


CARBOXYMETHYL CELLULOSE (CMC) = a synthetic gum used as a stabilizer (to prevent moisture loss, separation and control viscosity) in baked goods and in French dressing. Deep frozen / fried products use CMC to control adhesion (thru viscosity control) and fat exclusion (due to improved film formation). CMC replaces texture/mouthfeel of sugar removed from low fallow calorie foods; it is used to stabilize & thicken the theology of sauces and toppings.


ENZYMES & MICROBIAL INGREDIENTS: see detailed product application chart in “THE FOOD INGREDIENT DIGEST”.


FULLER’S EARTH (kaolin-nonplastic aluminum magnesium silicate) = used as an absorbent to decolorize fats and oils.


KAOLIN (China Clay) = anticaking agent in food. GRAS status.


MAGNESIUM CARBONATE = Is used as an alkali/neutralizer in canned peas , cocoa products, and jellies & jams. MgC03 is an anti-caking product for salt, and a magnesium source in some cereal products.


MAGNESIUM HYDROXIDE = Is used as an alkali in canned peas, and in cheese starter culture media. MgOH is used as a bleaching aid for flour, and as a “firming agent” in canned goods.


MAGNESIUM OXIDE = Is used for “buffering” in some cheese starter culture media, and as a neutralizer / firming agent in canned peas.


= see definitions chart & applications chart next page. The complete chart can be seen in the food ingredient category section.



1. Aluminum stearate is used as a defoamer component in processing beet sugar and yeast.

2. Calcium stearate is used as an emulsifier, dietary supplement, curing agent in meat processing.

3. Magnesium stearate is used as a defoaming agent, dietary supplement, desiccant in food packaging and as an anti-caking agent for onion & garlic salts.


TALC = used as free flow aid in table salt (2% or less) and vanilla powder as an anticaking agent. Talc is added to vitamin supplements to give free flow properties and added to chewing gum base. The FDA is reviewing Talc as a suspected carcinogen— due to high incidence of stomach cancer (rice polishing) correlating to higher levels of ingestibility in Japanese population.



1.  Bleached beeswax is used in fruit and honey flavorings for ice cream, ices, baked goods, and honey.


2.  Candelilla wax is used as a coating for foods.


3.  Petrolatum & petroleum waxes are used as defoaming agents in the processing of baked goods, whiteners, coffee; a float on fermentation fluids in the mfg. of vinegar, wine, pickle brine; and in froth flotation cleaning of vegetables. Used in eggshell coatings.


4.   Parrafin wax is used as a coating agent on eggs, fruits, pickles & vegetables. Cantaloupes, eggplants, oranges (cosmetic shiny surface appeal) peaches, persimmons, squash, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes are some of the 20 varieties of fruits & vegetables being waxed. Waxing reduces loss of moisture and subsequent dehydration. It is cleared for use as a masticatory substance in chewing gum.


WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATES (WPC) = protein extracted from milk production used to nutritionally fortify dairy foods like frozen yogurts and nutritional health bars. The WPC is intended for consumers wanting to up their protein intake for energy production, manage their weight and improve satiety levels.


ZINC OXIDE = Dietary supplement; zinc source; believed to aid in the repair of double helix damage in DNA sequences / chromosomes.