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Attention: Food Advertising Sales Executives

“The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” are brand new education based websites designed for food manufacturing industry Professionals. Our content is designed as Food Industry Master References displaying food manufacturing markets, process models, ingredients and applications in a new and streamlined way. Our InfoWebs use proprietary “ISM” instructional models to speed learning and comprehension. We are interested in hearing from aggressive sales people with advertising sales experience in the Food Industry, a network of Advertising Executive contacts and the desire for an uncapped commission program.

We are a value added Supplier of information, professional connections and advertising (read our Media Kit) for businesses.


Candidates please apply only if you meet the following criteria:

We need experienced Sales Professionals with 3 years selling advertising to Food Companies or related products.

We are currently building our talent pipeline and seeking full time 1099 sales representatives to establish and maintain accounts.

Must have three years prior experience or currently work in Food Sales, Food Equipment Sales, Laboratory Supply Sales, Toxicology Sales, or in Nutraceutical Industry Sales.

Must have a list of Food Ingredient clients you have connections with, and expectations to obtain advertising sales business within the first 12 months.

Uncapped commission program. Earn what you deserve to make based on your efforts.


Please do not apply if you do not meet the criteria listed above.


Summary of Responsibilities:

  • Establish new business by leveraging existing personal contacts, cold calling, networking and following up on leads.
  • Develop customer loyalty by building strong sustainable relationships with Food Company Marketing and Advertising Executives.
  • Be able to take a lead list and execute on that list.

Must want to make a great income that is uncapped and only limited by you.


About “The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest”:  

We are a value added Supplier of information, professional connections and advertising (read our Media Kit) for businesses.

We are a specialty content advertising provider because:  We are new, growing and looking for exceptional, talented people to join our team. Every one of our employees should possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to improve the lives of those they associate with in business and surround themselves with in their personal lives.  The platform of digital advertising we specialize in is “Content Marketing”, the fastest growing advertising channel in all advertising with current market share of 45% of company ad budgets. Order our Media Kit today to learn more about “Content Marketing”. Over 90% of companies today want to deliver high value content to their customers, but are unsure how to accomplish that goal. Here are a few good reasons how we complete that goal and how we separate ourselves from other companies:

  •  We offer a custom third party platform for ingredient Suppliers to deliver targeted  advertising content to food manufacturing Professionals.
  • Improve educational performance with company personnel at all levels: Executive Management, New Product Development Scientists, Sales & Marketing and Administrative Staff.
  • 91% of all Food Industry Suppliers say they need high value content but do not know how to provide it to their customers. We provide it and on a neutral court.
  • “TFID” uses compendium (or streamline) formatted specialty content.
  • “TFID” uses Intellectual System Models (ISM’s) to speed reader comprehension.
  • Suppliers can use targeted advertising in Food Industry Markets, advertising in Food Ingredient categories and coming soon in our Daily Market Newsletters. 


We are a food manufacturing industry “premium content provider” because:

  • “TFID” is designed for specific use as a food industry Master Reference.
  • “TFID’s” premium content is defined as exceptional high value educational content.
  • “TFID’s” premium content has the added reward of providing knowledge greater than your written words.
  • Our InfoWebs offer interactive components to encourage two-way communication. between Manufacturers and Suppliers to promote open lines of communication.
  • Your Food Company and your business partners benefit by elevating the “collective intellect” (aka. Mind Power) of both companies.


TO APPLY: Please send resume and a brief cover letter with your qualifications, your food industry contact list and your desired commission structure to:

“TFID” Human Resource Manager:   info@thefoodindustrydigest.com