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“The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” are the first and only compendium format websites built as Master References for working Professionals in the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry. These learning tools contain proprietary “Information System Models” (ISM’s), condensed manufacturing and process details, reorganized data and custom ingredient charts. They offer Professionals in the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry the most sophisticated learning resources available to strengthen decision making processes, enhance knowledge for critical thought processes and promote personal career advancement


Knowledge experts say the key to advanced performance is  management of a system that associates value to industry specific knowledge. In addition, your design of a knowledge management system should prioritize and direct the information in the system to promote key benefits to improve performance. The two websites we offer as Master References serve as the absolute best starting point for any knowledge management system in the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry. “The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” create the perfect foundation and starting point for your knowledge management system, and will help deliver higher performance rewards to persons at any level.


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15 Benefits of a Knowledge Management System



Our Subscribers have direct access to the first and only compendium format “Master References” on the Internet with information not found anywhere else. These InfoWebs contain: over five thousand pages of professional distilled content, superior knowledge driven insights, hundreds of proprietary “Intellect System Models” and unique ingredient charts which contain ingredient applications and functions. Our Master Reference resources save many hours of mental research, processing and analysis to enable users to gain knowledge over time at their own pace of  mental comprehension. The key to your success is to simply read and use our content every day, and over time your mind will absorb content and generate success. This strengthens each person’s “MindPower”.


Start improving your MindPower right away with intellectual advantages our superior content offers through repeated use of our exceptional Master References. This saves your professional time not having to read thousands of content pages, studying the information and prioritizing the content. We deliver the information in state-of-the-art “Intellect System Models”, so you can be the most productive for your current employer and in your specific career track.



 Use our “Master References” to improve Your “MindPower”



“The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” are constructed to promote and accelerate the learning process. The more you use these “Master References” — the more you learn — the more productive you are — the more knowledge you gain — the more successful you become. This value chain is very attractive to Food Industry employers because it leverages knowledge and improves competitive position.


Discover in our InfoWebs:


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The process for you to gain knowledge about Food Manufacturing has now started.


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15 Benefits of a Knowledge Management System



Most important, these Master References are designed to be used every day allowing Professionals in the Food, Nutraceutical and Beverage Industry many advantages:  


  • Business Goals: our content allows experience, knowledge and expertise gained over decades to be shared with other Professionals in the Food , Nutraceutical and Beverage Industry so they may focus and achieve their business goals. In addition, it also allows legacy resources to be built and passed on to future generations shortening the learning curve and maximizing knowledge transfer.


  • Engagement: To provide tools for a community of engaged thought Leaders who want to be the best, most informed and knowledgeable Professionals in the Food, Beverage and Nutritional Industry. These Professionals strive for “excellence” every day and provide a new level of competition and Leadership for the Food Industry and the many companies within it.


  • Mental Condition: Regular exercise strengthens the Professional’s mind, vision and comprehension.


  • Sound Judgement: Improves sound decision-making ability based on information, comprehension and knowledge.


  •  Connectivity: Subscribers can use these “Master References” 24 hours per day, and they are available to accommodate their individual schedules at any time. Books and magazines are not always available in the woods, in a conference room, at the airport or for a dinner discussion to brainstorm a think tank. 


  • Productivity: Comprehension and involvement in the Food, Nutraceutical and Beverage Industry improves every Professional’s contribution to their company and the industry.


  • Time: Speeds mental processing activity, speeds mental recognition capability, lessens time to make critical decisions.


  • Communications: These resources allow Subscribers access to high value information quickly from any cellphone, laptop or computer location worldwide. This improves communication and the ability to share concepts and ideas. Engaging in information exchange is the key to developing long term relationships, trust and offering potential solutions for problems.  


  • Accountability: Our Subscribers feel more accountable to achieve a result or follow through when they join. They hold themselves accountable because: they have invested in themselves, they know it will improve their knowledge, they know these additional resources have worked in the real world and are based on experience by an expert. 


  • Privacy: Professionals join a subscription network for privacy because they can go to an Internet website to get information and talk about what they want to without worry that it’s searchable by outside parties. Some people are aware enough to see the potential benefits that may arise from their small investment in our “Digests” and the huge advantages in Food Industry knowledge they will gain with use over time.


  • Motivation: Our Subscribers know they have joined a group that is dedicated to the Food Industry, and have moved from interested participant to committed professional. This results in a more motivated person more likely to achieve their desired goals. This creates a self-fulfilling prophesy to justify their energy and investment in time to strive for excellence. They build superior business partnerships based on their advanced business acumen and comprehensive knowledge gained about the Food Industry.



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15 Benefits of a Knowledge Management System



Our “Master References” will improve your “MindPower”


Internet Experts predict a paradigm shift in knowledge transfer will occur when Internet technology is used to distill, organize and customize information to create new “value added” learning models. We are bringing you our version of this new learning technology to transform the Food Industry and help prepare you for the future.


  • “The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” are the first and only compendium format “Master References” on the Internet.


  • Our InfoWebs are constructed to improve your mental recognition skills with regular use of our “Intellect System Models” (ISM’s) and custom food ingredient charts.


  •  These “Master References” are very different from traditional information design; and are “living” resources with constant updating, improvements, additions and revisions.


  •  Our “Master References” save time, offer continuing education and improve your mind’s problem solving capability. 



We present our version of the future now to fast track the careers of Food Industry Professionals at every level in their company. Our innovative “Master References” benefit Professionals at many different levels:


— New Product Development Professionals:

Benefit from new ideas in information design, updates to food technology, advances in food ingredients and new applications information to increase initial new product development formulation options.


— Ingredient Suppliers:

“The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” are the first and only compendium format “Master References” on the Internet. Your brand(s) benefit from our highly sought after “Content Marketing” (CM) digital advertising platform, which 91% of all companies want but find difficult to source. To learn more about CM download our Media Kit.


Suppliers gain control over their brand(s) highest rated advertising channel where the top 40% of their ad budgets are spent. Suppliers brand(s) are associated with our unique and content rich “Master References” delivering 100% of their ad spend on their target audience, New Product Development Professionals. Suppliers brand(s) benefit from our proprietary learning models, our superior content and provide the opportunity for the Supplier’s company brand to be associated with our Food Industry leading “Master References”.


Over 10,950 Professionals interested in New Product Development have joined my network in the last 35 months to confirm the value of these new Professional reference tools. Ingredient Suppliers may purchase an advertisement or listing in our Supplier Directory to take advantage of this opportunity for their brands to be seen by New Product Development Professionals in the Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical Industry.


— Executive Management:

Our “Master References” improve your company’s personnel development, adds value in setting objectives, enhances strategic market direction, delivers new food products and promotes “excellence” in the evolving Food Industry. When Executive Managers embrace the use of our “Master References” their company will gain advances from new product development, gain advances in Sales revenues and offer higher value to their Customers from the improved “collective intellect” of their employees. Equally important, our resources save time and promote higher employee productivity in their daily responsibilities.


— Sales & Marketing Professionals:

Improves Food Industry comprehension, promotes specific market focus, adds value to customer communications, delivers strategic problem solving options and delivers improvements in sales revenue productivity. The best way to pre-plan your Sales Calls is using our “Master References” to focus on specific markets combined with targeted ingredients and applications. Most important, Salesperson vision to seek and identify new opportunities improves allowing productivity to escalate well beyond past expectations.


— Administrative Professionals:

Improves customer care with specific information on food industry markets, food ingredients, improves customer communications and raises an individual’s Food Industry “IQ”. This facilitates a more comprehensive dialogue, opens the lines of communication and creates a sense of partnership with Customers. This also opens the door for Professionals to explore their individual career path and options for growth in the future.


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15 Benefits of a Knowledge Management System



These InfoWebs are “Master References” designed to provide Food Industry Professionals with a complete overview of the Food Manufacturing and Processing Business in streamlined form. You can navigate between the “The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” by one simple click on the navigation panel to save time.


Our “Master References” are the best place to begin new product development for many reasons, and these reasons are covered later in this “Home” section. Once you explore our “Master References” you will appreciate our “ISM” learning models and their unique presentation of information. This is important because we present the Food Industry in a way you have never seen before.


We want you to “see the forest” clearly as you begin your new product development project, to fully understand all of the options available with your new project. “The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” will help guide you to the best Supplier(s) and ingredients to navigate your new project through the “trees” and to success.


 Food, Nutraceutical and Beverage Suppliers:


These “Master References” contain thousands of content pages connecting New Product Developers and Ingredient Suppliers. Suppliers of Food Ingredients may join our electronic platform to share knowledge and promote their company name and brands to everyone in the Food and Nutraceutical Industry.


Your company may select:


  • Your own company “Supplier Directory Listing (SDL)”


  • Your own company “Advertisements”


  • Maximize promotion of your company by investing in both SDL and Advertisements: Investing in both will present maximum exposure for your company in views by new product development Professionals. This will present your company and product brands in the first and only compendium format Food Industry “Master References” on the Internet.



“The Food Industry Digest” and “The Food Ingredient Digest” provide this exceptional content to bring New Product Developers and Ingredient Suppliers together on an unbiased neutral court (digital advertising platform). Download our “Media Kit” to learn more about “Content Marketing” and the advertising platform we offer our Suppliers. Your order will be processed securely through PayPal. Every order placed will allow us to continue helping other Food Industry Professionals reach their highest levels of motivation, knowledge and excellence. 


Learn More — Learn Faster — Build Knowledge — Save Time


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15 Benefits of a Knowledge Management System


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